Selected Discography:

With Incognito


Inside Life 1991

Tribes Vibes and Scribes 1992

Positivity 1993

100 degrees and rising 1995

Remixed 1996

Beneath The Surface 1996

Incognito-Last Night In Tokyo 1997

Blue Moods 1997

No Time Like The Future 1999

Life,Stranger Than Fiction 2001

Adventures In Black Sunshine 2004

Eleven 2005

Tales From The Beach 2008

Transatlantic RPM 2010

Live In London (30th Anniversary Concert) 2010


With Stacey Kent


Breakfast On The Morning Tram 2007

Raconte-Moi 2010

Dreamer in Concert 2011

The Changing Lights 2013

I Know I Dream The Orchestral Sessions 2017


Other Albums


Lulu- Independence 1993

M People- Bizarre Fruit 1994

MC Solaar- Prose Combat 1994

Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool 1994

Maysa- Maysa 1995

Red Hot And Rio 1996

George Benson- That's Right 1996

Bobby Wellins- Don'tWorry 'Bout Me 1997

Inner Shade- Four Corners 1998

Maysa Leak- All My Life 2000

Freedom Town- The Ultimate Smooth Jazz Experience 2003

Gary Williams- In The Lounge With Gary Williams And His Musicians 2006

Tony Remy And Bluey- First Protocol:Incognito Guitars 2007

Mario Bondi- Sun 20013

Guida De Palma- Veludo 2013

Bluey- Life Between The Notes 2015

Aretha Franklin With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- A Brand New Me 2017

Matt Bianco- Gravity 2017

Dave O'Higgins Quartet- It's Always 9.30 in Zog 2017

Cliff Richard- Rise Up 2018

Jill Manley- Detour Ahead

Laurence Cottle- Live!

The Abstract Truth Big Band

Gasgoyne O'Higgins- Got The Real Note

Gasgoyne O'Higgins- Got The Real Note Vol 2

Tommy Laurence- In Love Again

Mark Nightingale- Out Of The Box

Karen Lane- Passarim

Bluey and Friends- Rhodes to Forever

Derek Nash- Setting New Standards


Mark Nightingale-Out Of The Box

Mark Nightingale With Alistair White-The Sound Of Jay And Kai

Kylie Minogue-Kylie Minogue