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Dave O’Higgins - saxophone
Graham Harvey - piano
Jeremy Brown - bass
Josh Morrison - drums


When four musicians come together with a shared conception of musical values, the result is bigger than the sum of its parts. When the Harvey / O’Higgins Project performs or records, the trust they have in each other allows a great deal of freedom. In fact, it's very liberating as a player to understand their role – not to feel confined by musical responsibilities, but to acknowledge and use them as the foundation for creation.

The musical landscape that the Harvey / O'Higgins Project inhabits is neither innovative nor fashion led. There is however, a thread in jazz that has continued from its origins in the small groups of the swing era, through bebop and up to the present day, that embodies the aesthetic of harmonic integrity ('making the changes') coupled with rhythmic coherence ('being in the pocket'). This is where the Harvey / O'Higgins Project resides.

It's not a lack of creativity that leads us to explore the standard repertoire and forms of jazz. Instead, these forms provide the canvas for improvisation and dialogue. The tradition of jazz provides an infinite horizon to experiment and create. Just as a Bach fugue is open to a myriad of creative interpretations, so is the blues or a great standard.

The band members have known each other for many years now, and it's extremely satisfying to witness such swinging musicians onstage. Swing is at the core of what this Project is all about, with ballad, Latin and groove variations.

The Harvey/O'Higgins Project

Here are some recent reviews of the Quartet:

“an excellent ensemble, with that settled-in feeling that comes from knowing each other’s playing intimately”

Dave Gelly, The Observer Rating: ★★★★

“the Harvey O’Higgins Project mainlines all the eternal values of great tone, melodic sweetness, rhythmic assurance and swing to blow your socks off.”

Andy Robson, Jazzwise Rating: ★★★★

“to those who enjoy listening to uncomplicated, swinging jazz, this would undoubtedly be this year’s album of choice.”

Roger Farbey, Jazz Journal Rating: ★★★★

That’s the Way to Live!

10th September 2021

UBU0094 / CD & Digital Formats






Ubuntu Music is proud to announce the  release of That’s the Way to Live! from the Harvey / O’Higgins Project, which features exceptional pianist Graham Harvey and tenor sax supremo Dave O’Higgins.

From left: Josh Morrison, Jeremy Brown, Dave O’Higgins, Graham Harvey (Photographer: Judith O’Higgins)

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